Volunteer Appreciation 2023

A Night with the Stars

Make plans to join us!

All volunteers ages middle school and older are invited to join us Thursday, Nov. 2nd from 6:30-8:30pm on the Evans campus! We’ll hear from a special guest comedian and enjoy appetizers together.

If you can join us, let us know!

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Volunteer Shoutouts

Every staff member can give stories of how wonderful the volunteers of Journey are, but we realize that you see each other doing amazing things that we may not even know about. We’d love to hear about those instances where you saw someone go above and beyond for the sake of others! Please use this Volunteer Shoutout form to let us know those stories and allow us to recognize those individuals in a special way.

Childcare reimbursement

This private event is only for volunteers who are middle school aged and older. However, if you need childcare for younger children, go ahead and pay your sitter the night of the event. Then you can fill out this voucher form no later than Thursday, November 9 so we can reimburse you! We don’t want childcare to prevent you from joining us!