Love Your Neighborhood

We love our neighbors and welcome them home.

We’re encouraging you to serve your neighborhood during the month of November! Below are some ideas of ways to engage and love your neighborhood. Or, if you’re short on time but still want to make an impact, you can purchase items for weekend lunches for local students. This Amazon wishlist allows you to purchase and ship it all to the church in just a few clicks.

Love Your Neighborhood Tee

Ways to Love Your Neighborhood

Within a 3-5 mile radius: 

  • Take treats to the fire station near your home.
  • Pick the school nearest you and bless teachers, faculty, and staff with treats. Or, pick up trash on school property. 
  • Bless a business near you with donuts and coffee.
  • Serve neighbors close to your house with something practical like a meal, yard work, baked goods, car wash. 
  • Hand out waters or treats in your neighborhood, like a free lemonade stand.
  • Babysit for neighbors with kids for free so they can have a night out.
  • Drop a gift at your neighbor’s doorstep.

Community Groups could:

  • Make a full meal together and take to a neighboring family.
  • Give gift cards to neighbors for coffee, food, movies, etc.
  • Meet at different houses throughout the month and bless each neighborhood in some way when you meet.
  • Use professional skills you have to help a neighbor for free. (Plumbing, electrical, etc.)

Even more ideas...

1. Pay for someone behind you in a drive-thru (coffee/food).
2. Take a bunch of goodies to a nursing home with notes of encouragement.
4. Take out your neighbor’s bins or put them back on trash day.
5. Take coffee to your kids’ teachers at school.
6. Mail a gift card and note of encouragement to someone going through a rough season.
7. Clean your neighbor’s yard when they’re not home.
8. Take goodies to a fire or police station with notes of gratitude.
10. Reverse Drive-thru: instead of ordering food, give a note and treat bag to window workers.
11. Make goodies to take to neighbors you don’t know well and chat.
12. Leave a basket of goodies/waters for your delivery and mail carriers.
13. Leave laundry detergent tied with ribbon, a note of love, and a bag of quarters at a laundromat.
16. Donate blood to help others heal.
17. Pay the bill for that young family at a restaurant.
18. Invite a neighbor to your house for dinner (that you don’t know well).
19. Take donuts or cupcakes to the janitorial staff at a school.
20. Donate diapers to a foster care agency.